Together At Last

Every place is the perfect place for someone. Especially now, when going out involves more decisions than just “what do I want to eat?” Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their surroundings, and the environments that make some people happy, aren’t necessarily the best for others. That’s why star ratings can be so misleading, and why exploring by vibes and checking out live video feeds is so much better for picking the perfect match between people and their favorite places. A new tool called Grip lets you search by the atmosphere you’re looking for, from relaxed to swanky, happenin’ (safely, of course) to romantic. Grip helps all kinds of people with all kinds of preferences find the places they’re looking for, even if they’ve never been there before.

Take Steve H., for example. “It’s been three months and 22 days since I shared happy hour with my friends at our weekly hangout. I’m getting a bit desperate, as virtual get-togethers just aren’t the same, but I’m stuck between two very strong impulses right now – the urge to go out and hang out with the gang, and the hesitation around how to do it easily and safely when I don’t even know which doors are open or closed, where precautions are being taken or not, and if it’s even worth it to attempt a night out. I wish there was a way to see how the crowds are, what’s on the menu, if masks are required…so that you can make the best decision for the moment.” Grip helps people and the places that “fit them and get them” find each other.

It’s a common groundswell in the aftermath of COVID quarantining: once the doors open, it’s time to act. Driven by the desire to “get back to normal,” and having been denied the option for weeks, restaurants, bars, gyms and coffee shops are trying to balance public safety with the need to bring as many of their people back through the doors as possible.

Any kind of closure is tough on the places affected, as they miss their people. Rebecca C. manages just such a place, and she’s ready to get her people back together again. “Closing our doors was so sudden. We’ve had to furlough employees, and we don’t have the extra time and resources to communicate new hours, different offerings, touchless processes, etc. We’re having to reconfigure everything, with no revenue coming in and fewer staff than we’re used to. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can bounce back, but there’s much more to communicate beyond just ‘open’ or ‘closed’, and the majority of people have some level of discomfort putting themselves in public spaces. We have a lot to prove to justify the peoples’ choice of coming to see us versus our competitors. I wish there was a way to quickly communicate changes or promotions, without draining our already-lean staff.”

Screens, apps and social media have become even more invaluable for real-time information sharing on where to be, how to show up, and why it’s worth it. With innovative new apps, it’s a two-way win – people searching for somewhere to go get trusted, real-time information to meet their needs of the moment, and places are able to share essential information with their audiences, encouraging a connection where the two can see and understand each other, and get together for an enjoyable experience. What app can do that? Well, for the restaurant, bar and coffee shop scene, the matchmaker of choice is Grip.

Grip Logic has been in development for over two years, making its debut at a critical time for both app usage and restaurant visitation. It was built to be much more than an information app, with its live video feeds and personal matchmaking approach creating a new standard of transparency and expectation-setting for people and places to find each other. People in search of the best places can cruise through Grip app options to find the right crowd level, physical space and vibe that they’re looking for. We’re a visual society and since “seeing is believing”, the advent of a quick live video peek changes the game for restaurants, bars and public places.

Grip Logic allows places to find their people too. In order to bring their people back through the door, many places are eager to prove their diligence in keeping people safe, and demonstrate their readiness to satisfy and entertain in new post-quarantine ways. Places can quickly and easily share current menus, specials, precautions to be aware of, etc. right to the phone screens of the people wanting to know. If places could post their own selfies, they’d share them through Grip.

As the app launches and gains more traction, the feedback received by both people and the places they visit helps guide the addition of more features for people and places to connect on a continuously more tailored level.

The insight and feedback on the experience and satisfaction people have with the places they’re matched with is also what leads to more and more perfect matches down the road! Using a straightforward, easy-to-use dashboard, places can see how they did in meeting their people’s expectations. Grip helps places find the best people to attract for their vibe, the same way that it helps people find the vibe that works best for them. Grip’s stated belief is that “matching people up with the right vibes is the key to creating great experiences” and while that is a universal goal, the practical application right now has more to do with safety and comfort, a more personal vibe than the app had in mind but equally powerful. If you’re a diligent mask-wearer and you want to make sure that the place you’re going ensures that others are wearing masks too, Grip can show you. If you want a place to safely party with your friends, Grip can show you places that work for that too. Video is only available on Grip in Colorado and Arizona until this fall, when the video feature becomes available nationwide.

Until restrictions are non-existent, phones are manned, and hours are extended, the Grip Logic app might just be the “emergency roadside assistance” tool that gets communities comfortably back into their favorite local hangouts. There are many more attributes to the platform that will help it scale and expand, but for now, it’s a lifeline of information and connection between places and the people who visit them, both of which are caught between cravings and the Coronavirus. Visit to find out more.