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Solving New Problems

With our unique suite of tools, we’re helping businesses reopen and operate safely, so people can get back to places they love, and businesses can get back to doing what they do best. See some of the ways we’re helping restaurant owners utilize technology, restore confidence, and save money during this unique time.



COVID-19 Solutions

  • Free Software for 2020 Now through the end of 2020, we’re providing our entire software platform completely free of charge to help you get your business back into gear. Take advantage of our full software suite, including customizable digital menus and powerful customer insights, so you can work safer and smarter without spending a dime.
  • Free COVID-19 Reopening Training from Trainual We are partnering with Trainual to offer a full COVID Reopening training series, so your whole team can get up to speed on the best practices and requirements for transitioning back to work. Employees will be able to complete this course on their own time with their own devices, so they can come back to work fully confident and totally prepared.
  • Digital Menus for #COVIDclean We’re making it simple for you to eliminate one of the most highly touched surfaces in your restaurant. With digital menus, your customers can safely explore your menu options from their own phones, and you can easily update your offerings as often as you need while saving up to 80% on printing and design costs.
  • Live Video Feeds for Customer Confidence Build confidence and trust by giving customers a look into your restaurant before they leave their home. With live video check ins, customers can be comfortable with the crowd, and know exactly what to expect from their experience.